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Freda Interviews Alice Aedy: Documentary Photographer, Film-Maker and Feminist

Alice Aedy is a documentary photographer and filmmaker, whose work is based around the topics of migration, women’s rights and environmental issues. Her work brings humanity and nuance to issues that are too often portrayed as one-dimensional in the press. Continue reading »

Parents, Peers and Periods

The next instalment in our series summarises Plan International's study on girls' experiences of menstruation in the UK. Continue reading »

Why the Tampon Tax Fund Isn't a Long-Term Solution

Yesterday, the Government announced the successful applicants for its latest round of tampon tax funding, ensuring that money raised from the VAT paid on period products is awarded to organisations working to raise the profile of women’s issues. Continue reading »

Menstruation Education in the UK

Just two months ago Plan International UK released a detailed and comprehensive study on girls’ experiences of menstruation in the UK. We at Freda thought it important that we offer a summary. Continue reading »