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A Bloody Good Cause & Homeless Periods - the story

In the summer of 2015, we came across a project called ‘The Homeless Period’, which was gaining loads of traction online. The Homeless Period’s petition called for the Government to provide sanitary products to homeless women, just as they provided condoms and razors to homeless men. Continue reading »

My period stops me in my tracks, and I'm grateful for it

Every Valentine's day, I think about all the different relationships I have in my life, the ones I'm grateful for, the ones that seem to take up a little too much energy, and the ones I still want to have. I think about what they give me and in return what parts of myself I give to them. Continue reading »

Nadya Okamoto, the founder of Period and leader of the Menstrual Movement

Nadya Okamoto is the founder of the youth-led non-profit organisation Period. Freda had the chance to talk to her about her activism, how to tackle the stigma around menstruation, and how you can join the Menstrual Movement! Continue reading »

A Bloody Revelation: Why We All Need To Think a Little More About Our Periods

Imagine a house where the father is a well-known gynaecologist and the mother owns a sanitary product company. Sounds like the comings of an inappropriate joke but ironically I am simply describing the layout of my family. Continue reading »