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What do Women and Girls Really Want

  This is a Big Deal girls. For once, a music video has come out that isn’t sexualising women or telling young men that it’s easier to leave his bitch at home. It isn’t a video about cheating on your man, your man cheating on you or both of you cheating on each other with the same girl (sorry we got a bit carried away there). Screaming out the Spice Girl’s Wannabe during a girls-night…

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« Periods and Refugees – The Hidden Problem
The “Curse” or A Monthly Health Report Card »
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The “Curse” or A Monthly Health Report Card

    Periods are frustrating. Full stop. From the PMS cravings of stale white Hovis to that annoying little spot on your chin that just won’t disappear- it seems that women around the world have been ‘blessed’ with a nuisance. From the moment they begin, they plague us. The little red stain on the new bed sheets, the awkward shuffling in the bathroom cubicle at work and the unexplainable outbreaks of anger are all just…

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« What do Women and Girls Really Want
Why Freda and Why Organic Femcare? »
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Why Freda and Why Organic Femcare?

If you’re like us, you’ve never thought what’s in your tampon, let alone if it’s organic cotton tampon. When I’ve asked my friends and their daughters do they know what actually goes into the making of their tampons, no one and I mean no one, including my very health conscious friends, has really given it much thought. They trust their brands who spend millions in advertising to promote this sense of trust. But have we…

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« The “Curse” or A Monthly Health Report Card