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What to do in London this IWD

International Women’s Day is here again; women across London have been working hard to put on various events around the empowerment of women. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks to help you make the most of the day.   Continue reading »

Freda Five with Thriva's Annie Coleridge

"It can be very difficult not to change your behaviour to meet those around you or simply to ‘fit in’ better. Trying to ‘fit in’ has, in the past, led me to behave in ways which aren’t wholly authentic." Continue reading »

A day like every other - Valentines Day

The Thursday of this week is a complicated day for many. It’s a week where we are flooded with spam emails from Topshop with their top ten pink dresses, from Victoria’s Secret with their must- have kinky underwear and from Wholefoods, reminding us what champagne to pop open. For the half of us that are in relationships, it’s a combination of pressure and anticipation. For the single ones, it’s a different kind of pressure. Continue reading »

The "overwhelming pressure" of social media

Naturally, a friend’s cheerful holiday snap may invoke pangs of jealousy if you’re consuming it while sitting at your desk on a grey weekday afternoon. But recent findings from the Prince’s Trust have shown that these feelings can have deeper effects. Continue reading »