Carbon Offsetting

We all know flying is bad for the environment – it’s suggested that commercial flights account for just above 2% of global carbon emissions, including the large proportion of the world that don’t fly at all. Whilst shaming people about flying is not the answer, those of us who are able to do something about it probably should. Continue reading »

10 best eco-friendly household brands

As times have changed and we have become more aware of how our choices affect the world we live in, brands have slowly started following suit. Many cleaning products are based on products that are toxic and harmful to the environment, and similarly a lot of products we use everyday leave a massive impact on the Earth. Continue reading »

What to do in London this IWD

International Women’s Day is here again; women across London have been working hard to put on various events around the empowerment of women. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks to help you make the most of the day.   Continue reading »

Freda Five with Thriva's Annie Coleridge

"It can be very difficult not to change your behaviour to meet those around you or simply to ‘fit in’ better. Trying to ‘fit in’ has, in the past, led me to behave in ways which aren’t wholly authentic." Continue reading »