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England has a lot to learn from Scotland in the fight against period poverty

For anyone aware of the issues surrounding period poverty in the UK, the announcement that Scotland will offer free period products to students, though much welcomed, won’t come as a massive surprise. Continue reading »

Unashamedly Sofia Helin

“I’m on my period,” Saga Noren declares to her colleagues in a recent episode of acclaimed crime-thriller The Bridge. Although this candour is very much in character for the notably direct Noren, actress Sofia Helin is just as open about the topic of menstruation off screen. Continue reading »

Why organic tampons aren't just another wellness fad

Throughout my teenage years, I was a sucker for fads. While friends were concocting various culinary experiments involving marijuana, I was sitting at my kitchen table, poring over the pages of health and fitness magazines to see what super food I should be trying next. Continue reading »

Our petition urges workplaces to provide for our periods

Last week Pret-A-Manger, affectionately known as Pret, otherwise known as the divine-creation of Gods who merged the powerful combination of crayfish and avocado with the simple sandwich... Continue reading »