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How to have a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a time of plenty. Plenty to eat, plenty to drink, plenty of presents, plenty of love etc etc etc. It’s a wonderful time of the year for the majority of us, and for the majority of us we don’t think much about the impact that it can have. Continue reading »

Freda Five with Olympian Jazmin Sawyers

"In the same way that I breathe and I sweat, I also bleed, and we should be fine talking about it." Continue reading »

Freda Five: Pot Yer Tits Away Luv's Emma Low

"There are a lot of people in the world who are happy with the way things are so if you’re pushing for change it’s going to cause some backlash." Continue reading »

Freda Five: with Emma Gannon

"Every month your body is going through something quite amazing. Let yourself be moody, let yourself cry, let yourself eat whatever you want, let yourself have a weekend on the sofa with a hot water bottle." Continue reading »

England has a lot to learn from Scotland in the fight against period poverty

For anyone aware of the issues surrounding period poverty in the UK, the announcement that Scotland will offer free period products to students, though much welcomed, won’t come as a massive surprise. Continue reading »

Unashamedly Sofia Helin

“I’m on my period,” Saga Noren declares to her colleagues in a recent episode of acclaimed crime-thriller The Bridge. Although this candour is very much in character for the notably direct Noren, actress Sofia Helin is just as open about the topic of menstruation off screen. Continue reading »

Why organic tampons aren't just another wellness fad

Throughout my teenage years, I was a sucker for fads. While friends were concocting various culinary experiments involving marijuana, I was sitting at my kitchen table, poring over the pages of health and fitness magazines to see what super food I should be trying next. Continue reading »

Our petition urges workplaces to provide for our periods

Last week Pret-A-Manger, affectionately known as Pret, otherwise known as the divine-creation of Gods who merged the powerful combination of crayfish and avocado with the simple sandwich... Continue reading »

Freda Interviews Alice Aedy: Documentary Photographer, Film-Maker and Feminist

Alice Aedy is a documentary photographer and filmmaker, whose work is based around the topics of migration, women’s rights and environmental issues. Her work brings humanity and nuance to issues that are too often portrayed as one-dimensional in the press. Continue reading »

Parents, Peers and Periods

The next instalment in our series summarises Plan International's study on girls' experiences of menstruation in the UK. Continue reading »

Why the Tampon Tax Fund Isn't a Long-Term Solution

Yesterday, the Government announced the successful applicants for its latest round of tampon tax funding, ensuring that money raised from the VAT paid on period products is awarded to organisations working to raise the profile of women’s issues. Continue reading »

Menstruation Education in the UK

Just two months ago Plan International UK released a detailed and comprehensive study on girls’ experiences of menstruation in the UK. We at Freda thought it important that we offer a summary. Continue reading »

Period Products at Work Please!

Ping pong tables, beer on tap and soundproofed ‘sleep pods’ are just some of the perks companies provide for their staff, but how many cater for the most essential needs of their female employees? Continue reading »

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2018

The main message of eating disorders awareness week 2018 is ‘Why Wait?’. The BEAT website says that, ‘on average, 149 weeks pass before those experiencing eating disorder symptoms seek help’- in other words ‘almost three years, 37 months or 1,043 days’ of our precious lives are taken up by the shame and the pain of keeping eating disorders a secret, by suffering alone. Continue reading »

Self-Care: a Quiet Revolution

In essence, self-care is a practice where you listen to your own needs and prioritise practicing compassion towards yourself; it is the attitude that you cannot give the best of yourself to the world and to those around you without giving the best to yourself first. This is not a movement that you can purchase into, you do not need to look a certain way or be living in a certain area- this is the radical act of reclaiming your own actions and your own happiness, and for so many reasons, this is a revolutionary action. Continue reading »

PadMan: a taboo-busting film

Freda's goal to eradicate the stigma surrounding periods is makes us part of a wider movement, whose progress is symbolised by the upcoming movie PadMan, written and directed by R. Baiki, starring Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte in lead roles. This film is a huge step forward: the first blockbuster to directly address the superstitions that surround periods, myths so prevalent especially in countries such as India. Continue reading »

A Bloody Good Cause & Homeless Periods - the story

In the summer of 2015, we came across a project called ‘The Homeless Period’, which was gaining loads of traction online. The Homeless Period’s petition called for the Government to provide sanitary products to homeless women, just as they provided condoms and razors to homeless men. Continue reading »

My period stops me in my tracks, and I'm grateful for it

Every Valentine's day, I think about all the different relationships I have in my life, the ones I'm grateful for, the ones that seem to take up a little too much energy, and the ones I still want to have. I think about what they give me and in return what parts of myself I give to them. Continue reading »

Nadya Okamoto, the founder of Period and leader of the Menstrual Movement

Nadya Okamoto is the founder of the youth-led non-profit organisation Period. Freda had the chance to talk to her about her activism, how to tackle the stigma around menstruation, and how you can join the Menstrual Movement! Continue reading »

A Bloody Revelation: Why We All Need To Think a Little More About Our Periods

Imagine a house where the father is a well-known gynaecologist and the mother owns a sanitary product company. Sounds like the comings of an inappropriate joke but ironically I am simply describing the layout of my family. Continue reading »

Theory That Girls Damaged Their Fertility by Studying

One of Freda’s overarching aims is to bust myths around periods so we’ve started looking back at some of the weirder notions surrounding menstruation. In a fantastic article by Lalita Kaplish of the Wellcome Collection, she looks at medical theories of menstruation in the late 19the century which promised healthier womanhood through limiting ‘unseemly’ mental exertion. Continue reading »

Girls Football and Disney - A Boy's Perspective

It was recently announced that a 3-year partnership would be formed between Disney and the Football Association to try and encourage young girls to get involved in football. On the face of it, this seems to be an encouraging and positive move from both parties, especially given the clear gender disparity in the sport. Continue reading »

Is this the beginning of the end of Tampon Tax?

It finally seems like the fight to end the unfair and misguided 'Tampon Tax' could be coming to a positive conclusion. Just two days ago Tesco announced price cuts for its tampon products, and now the praiseworthy work of the UK’s largest supermarket is being backed by MP Paula Sheriff. Continue reading »

FoodFitnessFlora Shuts Down Period Shame

Flora is a third-year biology student at Bristol University who has created waves in the fitness industry for her healthy approach to exercise and food. Her blog is a model example of how all of us at Freda aspire to be; healthy, happy and willing to speak our minds. Continue reading »

Tampons that Care - Freda in the Guardian

We were very fortunate to have Freda featured in the Guardian and the Observer as one of the brands changing the period care landscape.  Some snippets from the article - if you want to read the entire article. Continue reading »

Why I had to stop running to get my period back

Tina Muir is an elite, 2.36 marathon runner for Great Britain, who recently started up her own company Running for Real- a real and honest social running community that discusses the downside and struggles of the sport as well as the highs. She has recently garnered a lot of press attention for her openness of and how she has temporarily quit the running world in order to start her periods again. Continue reading »

Periods Politicised yet Stigmatised

Every day, around 800 million women have their period, yet it’s often considered an embarrassing, taboo subject.  Around the world, women have been isolated from their communities because of their periods, young girls have been forced to miss school, and even today, periods are liberally used as a comedic punchline. Continue reading »

V-Zone: Female body reduced to zones

Freda recently had a big day in the office; monumental in fact. We had our first viral twitter post. Sadly, it was not how many of us had imagined ( Ryan Gosling didn’t retweet the love sonnet we made him with witty La La Land references) but in fact, was a source of what we believe are just one of the many issues we as a company, and even more so as women, seek to address. Continue reading »

Italy 1st Western Country to Give Menstrual Leave

Italy may soon become the first western country with an official menstrual leave policy for women employees. The draft law if approved will mandate companies to give three days paid leave each month to employees who experience painful periods. Continue reading »

Earth hour and how organic cotton benefits the environment

The popularity of all things organic continues to grow, from food, textiles, cleaning products to cosmetics, and in our case, tampons. But whilst emphasizing the benefits to the individual consumer's health and wellbeing, it’s easy to forget the dramatic impact that buying organic can also have on the environment. Continue reading »

Pads and Tampons a Priority for Girls’ Education

Is it our imagination or is true that finally periods, pads and tampons, are being talked about and written about everywhere? It’s about time but the conversation needs to include responses from corporations Continue reading »

Period Taboo: In Africa, sanitary pads are considered a privilege not a necessity

I first encountered the true impact of period taboo as an adolescent in Africa. I'm a British born African living in London who spent a good chunk of my pubescent years in Sierra Leone. Continue reading »

7 Badass Feminists Who Are Freeing The Period

Women bleed. It happens. Period. Sure, periods are uncomfortable and messy, but they are also totally natural and impact over half the world’s population. Continue reading »

International Women's Day - a day to remind us who we are

International Women’s Day not only unites all women around the world but more significantly marks the freedom of women from political, economic and social barriers. Today, Freda wants to remind us that we are still fighting for gender equality in all part of the world. Continue reading »

Organic skincare: Freda's DIY guide to clear period skin

Periods can be hard to overcome. Not only does that time of the month come with painful cramps, but also it brings along sudden mood changes, sickness, and most often - skin misbehaviour. Continue reading »

How to find a bit of Friday in every Monday

Nothing puts you in a better mood then when the weekend finally arrives after what feels like a never ending week. But when Monday rolls back around that Friday feeling seems like a distant memory and the Monday blues kick back in. Continue reading »

Mental Health - How do you deal with it at University

Moving away from home, making new friends and living independently can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you’re the confident or shy type, one thing’s for sure – it’s daunting. Continue reading »

PMS – genes or behaviour?

For the first time, researchers have found cellular evidence and a biological cause for Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder (PMDD) - a severe form of PMS. A sex hormone-sensitive gene complex can cause PMDD and the way the body reacts to oestrogen and progesterone. Continue reading »

Could a New Hormone End the Misery of Repeat Miscarriages?

Progesterone has been used to help treat infertility for more than 50 years but experts now claim that it could be used to prevent miscarriages. Continue reading »

No to Black Friday, Yes to #GivingTuesday

In a space of a long weekend, we’ve given thanks on Thanksgiving, had Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now we have Giving Tuesday. Let me remind you, #GivingTuesday (that's how we're meant to spell it) is not giving about... Continue reading »

Freda wants to simplify your periods

If you're like us , you have never asked what's in your tampon. Most of us see a wrapped white fluffy product and assume it's completely cotton.  Well it isn't. Continue reading »

Periods and Refugees - The Hidden Problem

Every year, we celebrate World Refugee Day and the subsequent hashtags #withrefugees and #moreincommon start trending on twitter and other social media platforms. According to the UN released figures... Continue reading »

What do Women and Girls Really Want

This is a Big Deal girls. For once, a music video has come out that isn’t sexualising women or telling young men that it’s easier to leave his bitch at home. Continue reading »

The "Curse" or A Monthly Health Report Card

Periods are frustrating. Full stop. From the PMS cravings of stale white Hovis to that annoying little spot on your chin that just won’t disappear- it seems that women around the world have been ‘blessed’ with a nuisance. Continue reading »

Why Freda and Why Organic Femcare?

If you’re like us, you’ve never thought what’s in your tampon, let alone if it's organic cotton tampon. When I’ve asked my friends and their daughters do they know what actually goes into the making of their tampons, no one and I mean no one, including my very health conscious friends, has really given it much thought. Continue reading »