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Periods can be unpredictable. Women shouldn't have to worry about an unexpected physical need becoming an embarrassing ordeal when they’re caught short.

At Freda, we would like to encourage businesses to rethink what's truly essential. We want to make pads and tampons accessible in schools, workplaces, gyms, and everywhere they may be needed.

Who decided toilet paper, soap, and hand cream are free but not tampons?

It's time to bring true gender equality to public spaces. We’re not expected to carry around our own toilet paper – and period products are just as essential!

We can deliver our organic tampons/natural pads to you every month. Your corporate purchases are totally tax deductible. What’s more, Freda fulfills your corporate social responsibility because a portion of each purchase goes towards initiatives tackling period poverty.

Choose the quantity you’d like purchase. They come in bundles of 50 and the maximum you can choose is 8 bundles per subscription.


(bundle of 50)


(bundle of 50)


(bundle of 50)