Who decided that toilet paper, soap, and hand cream should be free but not tampons? We aren't expected to carry around our own toilet paper or buy it from a vending machine, and yet for some reason we are with tampons!

At Freda, we'd like to encourage businesses to rethink what's truly essential. Let's make these products accessible in workplaces, schools, gyms, planes, hotels, and everywhere they may be needed.

Employers can demonstrate their commitment to true inclusion and equality in their workplace by taking this practical step towards addressing the needs of their staff.

We offer corporate bulk subscriptions delivered monthly that are totally tax deductible. What's more, a Freda subscription can fulfil corporate social responsibility commitments as a portion of our profits go directly to initiatives tackling period poverty.

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Choose the quantity you’d like purchase. They come in bundles of 40 and the maximum you can choose is 8 bundles per subscription.





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