Freda Five: with Emma Gannon

Posted on: 03 October 2018

We don’t know where to start with describing Emma Gannon’s career – which is fitting, as she’s the author of the Sunday Times business bestseller book, the Multi- Hyphen Method, which is a bible to those who want to embrace their side-hustle and create their own definition of a successful career. She has also written two other books: the millennial bible Girl Lost in the City and Ctrl Alt Delete.

Emma is also a blogger, broadcaster, journalist and the founder of the hilarious and insightful podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, which has been named by the Times as one the ’50 best Podcasts’. Oh, and did we mention she’s a feminist badass, involved in charity festivals with Amnesty and Women for Women International. We had the pleasure of interviewing her as part of our new Freda Five interview series!

  1. You are successful in many areas, what has been the biggest stigma/challenge you

have faced and how did you manage this?

Thank you! I feel very privileged and haven’t faced many issues to be honest. But I suppose it’s the subtle sexism that still grinds me down. Whether it’s being on a panel with men and being totally ignored, or older men emailing me lengthy ‘feedback’ on my work that I haven’t asked for. I was the only woman on the business bestseller list for my book recently, we desperately need a bigger variety of voices in this space!

  1. How were you first told about periods – was it parents, school, friends?

My mum! I remember my mum and auntie explaining in detail the difference between pads and tampons. I was shook.

  1. What would you tell your childhood self about periods?

To take care of yourself. Every month your body is going through something quite amazing. Let yourself be moody, let yourself cry, let yourself eat whatever you want, let yourself have a weekend on the sofa with a hot water bottle. Be kind and gentle to your body and mind.

  1. How would you smash the shame and silence around menstruation?

When you go to the loo, don’t hide your pad, tampon, moon cup etc up your sleeve, hold it with pride!

  1. What’s your number one tip for dealing with PMS?

Sounds totally cliche but for me it’s a bubble bath, a good book and an early night.

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