freda Five with Rude Health’s Camilla Barnard

Posted on: 25 January 2019

  1. What has been the biggest stigma/challenge you have faced professionally and how did you overcome this?

I’ve been very lucky, the main challenge I’ve faced is believing in myself.  And it’s much easier to change yourself than change anyone else.

  1. How were you first told about periods – was it parents, school, friends?

I can’t remember. I was told at school, but it wasn’t news, so I must have picked up info from friends

  1. What would you tell your childhood self about periods?

For me it’s not the what but the whole attitude. I love that the conversation is changing and becoming louder and prouder.  It’s more of a celebration of womanhood than something to hide

  1. How would you smash the shame and silence around menstruation?

Such small things make a big difference. New period products are packaged in cool, bright, outspoken packs that send a totally upbeat and positive message. Perhaps the clearest sign of a change of attitude will be when they are mentioned in a mainstream TV show, in a natural way.

  1. What’s your number one tip for dealing with PMS?

If there’s an amazing tip, I’d like to know it please.

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