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Posted on: 23 November 2016


If you’re like us , you have never asked what’s in your tampon. Most of us see a wrapped white fluffy product and assume it’s completely cotton.  Well it isn’t.

Most women continue to buy the same products from brands that have dominated the industry for ever, unaware that over the past 50 years, the composition of tampons have shifted from natural ingredients like cotton, to synthetic ingredients such as rayon and plastic, especially among the big tampon manufacturers.

The widespread taboo has allowed the feminine hygiene industry to operate without governance or pressure to innovate. The industry has been stagnant for too long.

We set up freda to bring more transparency into the sector and offer a genuine natural alternative.  Without conversation, consumer awareness and pressure for change, household name brands of pads and tampon industry succeed despite being laggard.

“Most of us see a wrapped white fluffy product and assume it’s completely cotton. Well it isn’t.”

Need another reason?

freda delivers all your period essentials straight to you every month. We get our magazines, our food and even our laundry delivered. Why not the one monthly essential delivery you always know you’ll need?

Still Not Convinced?

How about this – we believe that all women should have access to sanitary pads and we’re using our freda platform to speak up for women across the globe who don’t have access to the products they need. We’re using a portion of your subscription to support our two non-profit partners who supply pads to refugees, homeless women in the UK, and school girls in Tanzania.

Be freda

Your first month is on us! After that, it’s just £6.99 a month (incl. p&p) – cheaper than 3 lattes a week. Be kind to yourself, your environment and support your fellow women and girls.

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