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Freda Period Manifesto

Periods are a sign of health

Extreme period pain and heavy blood loss are not normal. Women should know when to seek professional advice.

Women not getting their periods isn't normal either, and needs to be talked about - especially when it comes to sport and eating disorders.

Periods are not shameful

Let's normalise the conversation around periods and make it a topic that people don't cringe at.

And that means no more euphemisms.

It also means that menstrual education at schools shouldn't be a girls-only event.

Periods are private, not secret

Periods are universal but also personal to every woman

Let's not tell women how to act - let's create an environment where women are free to make the best choices for them personally.

No one should know that a woman is on her period unless she wants them to. Let's stop the tampon 'walk of shame' by providing them in every toilet for free.

Period products are an essential, not a luxury

We say NO to the tampon tax.

Period products should be readily available along with other essentials, both here and abroad. We believe:

- That no woman should miss school because she doesn't have period protection

- Period products should be provided for free in ALL schools and workplaces.

- Period products should always be provided in emergency and crisis response.

Transparency of ingredients for intimate products

We believe that there should be full disclosure and education around what goes into period products, since they're some of the most intimate products that women use.

Women should have access to education around choosing period products that keep their vaginas healthy.

If natural and organic ingredients work, don't add unnecessary nasties that can irritate.

Period products should be sustainable and responsible

Let's strive to find sustainable materials that work with women's period care preferences.

Let's encourage the more sustainable practice of using non-applicator tampons by offering them at reduced pricing.

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