Organic skincare: Freda’s DIY guide to clear period skin

Posted on: 21 February 2017

Periods can be hard to overcome. Not only does that time of the month come with painful cramps, but also it brings along sudden mood changes, sickness, and most often – skin misbehaviour. Be it breakouts, dullness, or sudden change of texture, these three organic skincare steps will help to fight anything that “went wrong” on those days, and maintain the well-being of the skin during the rest of the month.

ExfoliateOrganic skincare for period bumps

Exfoliation helps to clear out pores, as well as removes the old skin and dry patches. It is necessary to be consistent with exfoliation as it helps to renew the skin and keep it bright and squeaky clean at all time!

A great natural exfoliator is baking soda. Soda has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as serves as an amazing exfoliant, far more sensitive than sugar or sea salt. Combined with organic honey, that also has anti-bacterial properties, the two will create and amazing treatment for your skin that will help to clear the skin from any bacteria and also hydrate.

This organic skincare remedy can be used as a daily scrub, however for stronger effect – leave it on for 5-10 minutes as a facemask.


If the breakouts are already there and you need to get rid of them ASAP, there is no reason to panic. The trick is to use natural soap combined with sea salt. Soap up your clean hands, add some sea salt, mix the foam and salt together and apply directly on the spots. This organic skincare method might tingle and slightly burn, however the sensation will go away in a few minutes. Soap and salt both act as bacteria-killers and anti-septics which will help to kill the inflamed skin pores, and also soothe the actual bump.

If you skin is not too sensitive, you could leave the treatment on for the night, however keep in mind that it might be quite drying if overused.

organic skincare avocado mask


Hydrating your skin has never been easier. Start off by drinking plenty of water every day, but if you need an instant lift, bananas are great for moisturising and healing the skin. Mash up a ripe banana, add a spoon of warmed up olive oil to add even more nourishing properties and apply to the face. If feeling slightly more fancy – switch the banana for a half of ripe avocado. Avocado is even better for your skin, as it contains vitamins C and E, that help to nourish the skin and keep it firm.

Such masks are best to use 1-2 times per week for the most noticeable result, however keep in mind that they can’t substitute the daily norm of water.

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