Our story

About Freda

We like to think we’re more than just a period subscription service. We want to be a gathering place for health- and socially-conscious women who want to change the way the world looks at both period products and periods themselves – as a natural and healthy process.

Our founder, Affi, was inspired to start Freda after seeing refugees stuck at various border crossings in Europe on the news. Coming from a refugee background herself, these images struck a chord, and she started to consider the practical ramifications of displacement. She found that these women just don’t have access to period products, and that they aren’t included in the hygiene kits provided by the UN and relief organisations – societal taboos and stigma have caused the menstrual needs of women to be overlooked, in refugee camps and in all public spaces.

The more she looked into it, the more she became frustrated with the impact of this stigma not just on access to these products, but on how they are made – with cheap unnecessary chemicals that don’t legally have to be disclosed –, and marketed – patronisingly! Freda aims to represent something new in this industry, both in terms of the product itself, and what we stand for.

Our products contain no chemicals, without compromise on protection or comfort - our tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton and are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and free from chemicals and synthetic fibres commonly found in tampons, whilst our pads contain 100% eco-friendly and renewable materials.

Freda has been created by women for women, and we give back to women as a portion of every Freda purchase is donated to initiatives worldwide tackling period poverty.