Ping pong tables, fresh fruit and prosecco on tap are just some of the perks companies provide for their employees these days. However the most basic essentials for any woman, pads and tampons, are neglected, available only in overpriced vending machines.

The awkward under the desk tampon handover from a colleague, the uncomfortable decision to use toilet roll until you have time to leave the office to run to the nearest shop… Cultural taboos and societal stigma have stifled open conversations on the menstrual needs of women, and therefore the inclusion of these products in public spaces have been overlooked. 

We believe companies are in a strong position to make changes, with the power to make their own decisions and allocate their budgets for the better. Women should not be expected to provide these products for themselves so let’s encourage employers to provide their female staff with what they need. All essentials are essential, and we believe they should be budgeted for accordingly.

Please sign the petition below and email with details of your workplace/school/gyms etc and we will send a free sample box of our natural period care to get the conversation started.
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Join us on this mission to get UK business owners to stock period care products today.

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