A day like every other – Valentines Day

Posted on: 14 February 2019

The Thursday of this week is a complicated day for many. It’s a week where we are flooded with spam emails from Topshop with their top ten pink dresses, from Victoria’s Secret with their must- have kinky underwear and from Wholefoods, reminding us what champagne to pop open. For the half of us that are in relationships, it’s a combination of pressure and anticipation. For the single ones, it’s a different kind of pressure.

However, irrespective of one’s relationship status, one should never neglect self love in the pursuit of any other kind of love. Valentines’ Day may be a time to celebrate sharing love with each other but it should also be about self love and reinforcing that, irrespective of whether we sleep next to someone one else at night or wake up alone, our selfhood is not compromised.

We are more than often driven by our desires, particularly around days like Valentines day, where we seek to find things that we think will excite us and make us feel happy. However, the ability to turn away from these things and stay centered in times where the centre feels almost too boring, is difficult. To choose what you need rather than what you want seems pretty obvious but on a day when we are force fed images of happy couples or the anti-valentines day image of a wholesome but busy girls’ night in, we are told it’s not okay to just be us. To do what we do every-day, whether it be homework, coffee or a little run, is central to allowing us to keep moving forward.

It’s also a day, like many other days, where we tend to reflect on the past; whether it be that great dinner last year or the mistakes we wish we had never met. It’s okay to reflect and take responsibility for the things that we do but often we have a tendency to punish ourselves for the past, even punishing ourselves when we learn and grow from these mistakes. Without any gushiness, self love is learning to forgive yourself.

We don’t want to tell you how great you are or how valued you are today. Self Love is not needing reassurance, its finding acceptance within yourself. Happy Valentines Day, Happy Galentine’s Day, Happy Thursday.


Lots of love,


The Freda Team


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