What do Women and Girls Really Want

Posted on: 18 November 2016


This is a Big Deal girls. For once, a music video has come out that isn’t sexualising women or telling young men that it’s easier to leave his bitch at home. It isn’t a video about cheating on your man, your man cheating on you or both of you cheating on each other with the same girl (sorry we got a bit carried away there). Screaming out the Spice Girl’s Wannabe during a girls-night Karaoke sess with a glass of white wine in one hand and red in the other, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when the Sustainable Development Goals are bought up, but trust us it soon will be.

The cult classic that bought Posh, Sporty, Ginger, Baby and Scary Spice all very much into our lives in 1996 has recently undergone a re-vamp by Project Everyone; an organisation working to spread awareness of the UN Global Development Goals. Instead of Mel B telling us what she really really wants ( it’s a zig- a- zig -ah, in case you weren’t aware) the song changes the lyrics to highlight the Global Goals that we should aim to achieve by 2030.

For once, the video shows women and young girls from all around the globe dancing with signs of the project’s aims.

Quality Education for all girls
An End to Violence against women
Universal Access to sexual health services
Equal Pay for Equal Work
No More Girls infected with HIV

Out of the Global Goals, Freda aims to focus on menstrual health education, which in turn helps achieve many of the other aims, including universal access to sexual health services, an end to child marriages and equal pay for equal work. If you really, really want these goals to be achieved by 2030, then Join Freda. 

With access to sanitary pads and month period essentials, young girls and women can take part in life fully without worrying about their menstrual cycle. They can attend classes at school, they can go to work, they can take part in exercise and take part in social occasions. They no longer have to be ashamed. They no longer have to decline opportunities because they are women. They no longer have to be held back.

Join us and together we can make sure that access to period essentials form a part of all Global Development Goals initiatives.


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