Why Freda and Why Organic Femcare?

Posted on: 14 November 2016


If you’re like us, you’ve never thought what’s in your tampon, let alone if it’s organic cotton tampon. When I’ve asked my friends and their daughters do they know what actually goes into the making of their tampons, no one and I mean no one, including my very health conscious friends, has really given it much thought. They trust their brands who spend millions in advertising to promote this sense of trust. But have we as yet come across one ad from the main brands that tell us what is actually in our tampons? The answer is NO, because they don’t have to.

“If you are like us, you’ve never thought what’s in your tampon”

Let’s start with the obvious question “why it matters”? The vaginal walls are incredibly permeable so anything in a tampon can make it to our bloodstream. Although our bodies are very sophisticated machines and can cleanse and eliminate toxic by-products from our bodies, we are exposed to so many toxins in our everyday lives that our overall level of toxic burden is just too high. Our bodies cannot effectively metabolise and eliminate all the toxins.

Tampon manufacturers and the safety regulators say that tampons are safe and that the level of dioxins in each tampon (a by-product of bleaching) is so low that they pose no health risk. But we are not talking a single tampon exposure. An average woman has a tampon inside her for more than 100,000 hours over her lifetime. We are talking of a cumulative effect and we just don’t know.

“Universal access to sanitary products for girls and women”

It’s true that we can’t live in a sterile bubble where everything is free of something or other but we at Freda do believe that it is empowering to know that there are simple choices we can make to limit our exposure.

Freda is offering an alternative – a natural 100% organic cotton choice that is kinder to us and to our environment. Watch out for our next blog on the environmental consequences of non-biodegradable pads and tampons. http://www.myfreda.com/products/

We, in the developed world, are very lucky and fortunate to have a choice at all – organic or non-organic, cotton or not cotton, is very much a first world problem. We take it for granted that we have aisles in supermarkets dedicated to girly-packaged sanitary products. The majority of women have no access to anything resembling a pad.

We are aware of this: Freda believes in universal access to sanitary products for girls and women and we are committed to continue working with global campaigners to push this agenda forward. http://www.myfreda.com/campaign

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