Why organic tampons aren’t just another wellness fad

Posted on: 07 June 2018

Throughout my teenage years, I was a sucker for fads. While friends were concocting various culinary experiments involving marijuana, I was sitting at my kitchen table, poring over the pages of health and fitness magazines to see what super food I should be trying next. For a while I became obsessed with Goji berries, and put them in everything from oatmeal to casseroles. Then there was the time I tried to convince myself that I liked quinoa. I even became evangelical about pink Himalayan sea salt because I had read somewhere that it was spiritually cleaner. It certainly spiritually cleaned out my bank account.

Within a month, I tended to grow out of each fad, realising that dipping bread in hemp oil was rather nauseating and that zero calorie noodles – or Zoodles, Holland and Barrett had affectionately called them – were just plain wrong.

Meanwhile my friends were falling for fads in other forms. One would pour tubs of coconut oil in her hair every night, before moving onto almond and eventually argan, in the hopes of attaining silky softness. Another was convinced she’d lose weight if she began wearing Fit Flops. Unfortunately, her unwillingness to change her diet and exercise regime meant that the sixty pounds she’d spent on those diamante studded wedges was ultimately wasted.

We even bought into tampon trends. During Bat Mitvah season I refused to buy any pads except Always Silk, because I truly believed they would keep my vagina sleek and smooth, whatever that means. I had an incessant need for all my products to be perfumed because I preferred to smell strongly of artificial fruit than risk any mild natural odour. For years I was loyal to a particular brand purely because it was advertised by a former Disney star. I mean, if anyone’s got a perfect vagina, it’s going to be a Disney Girl.

It took me a while to realise that too many of my decisions were based on fads; on the supposition that I would be better off by either including or eliminating something arbitrary from my life. Eventually, I came to understand that I was at my happiest, healthiest and most sane when I ignored the hype and listened instead to my body.

When it comes to pads and tampons, it’s simple: the fewer ingredients, the fewer chemicals and faff, the better. Health and hygiene isn’t about changing the way your body is meant to function or regulate, but rather using the products that enable you to maintain your natural homeostasis. Just like peanut butter and bananas provide us with the fats, carbohydrates and protein to walk and talk without any crazy supplements, Freda provides what you need to comfortably and effectively manage your period – and nothing more. No perfume, no chemicals, no added extras, just 100% organic cotton to let you go about your day as per usual.

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