Why organic

Our Statement of Intent

Our customer’s needs

We believe that any product that doesn’t perform well is not sustainable. That’s why we will always put our customer’s needs first, never compromising on hygiene, performance and comfort while always pushing for more sustainable products, packaging and ways of doing business.

Our customer’s values

Our customers choose Freda because we share their values. They know that the choices they make can make a real difference. As anyone who lives a sustainable lifestyle is aware, it’s not easy to find products that live up to our high standards. The ‘perfect’ products don’t always exist yet but we see this as reason to be even more demanding, not less.

Our customer promise

We promise to be unreasonably demanding. Where we use materials, we will always prefer natural, organically grown and sustainably sourced. Where we have no choice but to use plastics we will push for them to be made from plants, not fossil fuels, contain no harmful chemicals and be recyclable. Where recycling is not permitted, as in the case of items with blood on them, then we will demand our materials be biodegradable. We expect our suppliers to go beyond offering us the perfect products and to run their businesses sustainably, source renewable energy, responsibly manage their waste and resources and pay their staff fairly. We recognise that perfection won’t come easily, but we won’t stop till we get there.


About our Products

Our tampons are 100% certified organic cotton. If you choose to use an applicator, ours are BPA-free.

Our pads carry the Nordic Swan ecolabel, and are made from 70% renewable material. To ensure performance we still need to include a plastic backing, 50% of which is also made from renewable material.

Our plastic packaging is not as perfect as we would like but it is recyclable and made from 10% renewable material.

All our products are from Sweden, made using renewable power while sending zero waste to landfill.


Understanding claims

Organic – Must apply to 100% of the product

Eco – Tends to be used as a substitute for ‘natural’ and refers to product ingredients

Eco friendly – Describes the effect of the product on the environment

Biodegradable – Describes post-use phase decomposition of the product or packaging

Renewable – Describes the source of product or packaging as from a non-fossil fuel material. Also implies that source is sustainably managed

Sustainably sourced – Describes how the product or packaging suppliers are chosen, usually based on a combination of environmental and ethical principles

Sustainable – Tends to be applied to a company, or system that acts in a way that meets todays needs without undermining our ability to meet our needs in the future.